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Pit Bull

Large, Male
Brown Brindle  / White

6 Years 6 Months 0 Weeks (approx)

  • My health has been checked.
  • My vaccinations are up to date.
  • My worming is up-to-date.
  • I have been neutered.
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AVAILABLE FROM FOSTER Hi! I'm Diego and I am a fun-loving pup who loves to cuddle. I've been at the shelter since February and i've made a lot of great friends here but I am wondering why my forever family hasn't come for me yet. The good thing is, since I've been in a kennel so long, a nice family took me home temporarily as their foster dog. They have had me for two weeks now and wanted to tell you all about me! "Diego knows his name and he know the commands: sit, down, wait, and paw. He's very good on leash (unless he sees another dog). He LOVES tennis balls and soft, squeaky toys. Favorite activity: getting pet and being right next to you. He loves to give kisses and is friendly to strangers. He sleeps either in the bed with the foster parents or on his bed. (He's a big dog, so you'd better have a big bed if you're going to invite him to join.) We did allow him on the sofa but he rarely climbed up - only if I was lying down watching tv. His favorite snack is hotdogs and favorite activity is lying down outside sleeping/people watching/doing nothing. He's low-key but enjoys long walks and occasionally wants to trot. Unlike many other dogs, Diego is very particular about food he finds outside on the ground. He will leave most of it on his own and rarely finds something worthwhile to eat. When strangers come to the house (such as the cleaning lady) we make him wait, let the person in and then he politely walks over and requests to be petted. We don't have kids so can't speak to his reaction to children. We are making progress with his pulling on the leash when he sees another dog. Small dogs and barking/lounging dogs are the greatest challenge. I walk him with a harness and have never had trouble controlling him. Diego sleeps most of the day. If he gets a long walk in the morning and evening (we just let him out midday for a quick pee), he will probably be the most well-behaved dog you've ever had. He doesn't run into things or knock them off the table, even when playing around in the apartment. Diego makes people friends everywhere he goes. He will fill his forever home with lots of love and a calm energy." Well if that doesn't get me a home, I guess I'm destined to be a shelter dog forever. Oh and one more thing, I'm an older guy who is looking for a home where I can be king of the castle where I don't have to share my space with other pups or kitties. And, since I've been here so very long, my adoption fee is waived. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN MEETING DIEGO, CONTACT FOSTER@MDSPCA.ORG TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Finding The Right Pet

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