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The Maryland SPCA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers who care about the welfare of animals. They work diligently to ensure the mission of the MD SPCA is carried out to its fullest potential.

2018 Board of Directors:

  • President: David Imre
  • Vice President: Peter Askew
  • Vice President: Joanne Pollak
  • Treasurer: David Beard-Sackett
  • Secretary: Tracey Chessare
  • Celeste Amato
  • Tina Beliveau
  • Robin Bozzuto
  • Sibley Classen
  • Karen Colvin
  • Eric DeCosta
  • Dawn Kirstaetter
  • Jody Lemken
  • Tommy Maulding
  • Carrie Montague
  • Diane Nachtwey
  • Olachi Opara
  • Julie Rubin
  • Debra Schubert
  • Barbara Simmons
  • Anne Stone
  • Jeff Sube
  • Estelle Ward
  • Howie Wolfe

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Key Staff:

  • Executive Director: James "Jim" Peirce
  • Director of Operations: Nichole Miller
  • Director of Veterinary Services: Dr. Karen Burks, DVM
  • Director of Communications & Media Relations: Tina Regester
  • Director of Development: Jennifer Dunworth
  • Director of Human Resources: Deidre Carroll
  • Director of Special Projects: Cheryl Bernard Smith
  • Director of Community Affairs: Katie Flory​